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Create the Ultimate Dog-Approved Backyard this Summer

Create the Ultimate Dog-Approved Backyard this Summer

Is warmer weather getting your puppy excited to the max? Then it's time to unleash some fun, interesting activities for a doggone good summer in your own backyard.

A dog-friendly backyard can be affordable, easy to implement, AND keep your furry buddy safe.

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The top 6 dog backyard ideas

From choosing pet-safe materials to setting up a shaded area for dogs and creating the ideal pooch playground — to help you transform your backyard into a doggy wonderland. 

1. Fence it up!

Install a sturdy fence around your dog-friendly backyard, and make sure it can’t be easily jumped over. This pawsome protection ensures that your pets won’t go wandering off on their own adventures. 

Inside the yard, cover the ground with grass, mulch, or wood. Avoid surfaces like hot pavement that can potentially burn your puppy’s paws. 

2. Designate a digging area.

No more damaged flower beds! 

Create a space for your dog to indulge in their natural digging instincts with a sandbox. If you’re building your own, make sure to use untreated wood to keep your dog safe from toxins. Then fill it with sand or mulch. Make it more entertaining by burying toys or treats for your pup to discover. 

3. Provide shaded retreats.

Dogs need relief from the sun's heat, and having a shady retreat will help them stay cool and comfy. 

You can keep it really simple with an outdoor umbrella in a stand (Pro tip: Bury the base of the umbrella in mulch to keep it from blowing over in the wind!

Or you can incorporate a shaded area for dogs in your backyard with DIY options such as sun sails or cotton awnings. All you need is a large piece of fabric or even a bed sheet. Hang it between trees or attach it to stable structures and voila, a shaded retreat for your dog to escape the hot sun. 

If your dog is one with the sun, try putting a cooling dog mat in the shaded area and keep them busy there with their favorite frozen treat. 

4. Create an H20 hub.

Keep your dog hydrated by putting a water station in your dog-friendly backyard. You can use a non-slip water bowl or go the extra mile with a dog drinking fountain.

Then set up a splash zone using a kiddie pool or sprinkler system. It’s the perfect way for water-loving dogs to cool off during hot days or engage in water play. 

If your pup is not a fan of getting wet, another dog backyard idea is to fill the kiddie pool or a large container with plastic balls. Now you have a ball pit for your pets! They'll have a blast diving in, digging around, and chasing balls.

5. Grow a sensory garden

First of all, be mindful of what you sow in your backyard. Avoid having toxic flowers (azaleas, lilies, daffodils) or plants (garlic, onions, tomatoes) that could be harmful to your dog if ingested. Instead, opt for a dog-friendly garden that promotes relaxation and engages your pooch’s senses. 

Lavender, for example, is known for its calming scent. Herbs like rosemary or mint have interesting smells that are mentally stimulating for dogs. Best of all, they’re non-toxic and pet-safe!

6. Construct an agility course.

The perfect obstacle course is a great way to keep your dog active and entertained. 

You can buy dog agility equipment for your dog-friendly backyard or go the DIY route. Create obstacles by using items that you may already have in your household: PVC pipes, hula hoops, cones, and tunnels, to name a few. 

So your dog remains safe, ensure the course is free from sharp edges or potential hazards and supervise your dog during the activity to prevent accidents.

And here's a bonus dog backyard idea:

Carve out your own cozy corner! 

Getting caught up in creating a pup paradise is easy, but don't forget about your chill zone. Meanwhile, your dog can romp around while you're lounging in your comfy chair with a summer read and a refreshing beverage at your side. You can also give your pets interactive gadgets that do the work for you, such as automated fetch machines that keep up with your ball-crazy buddy. 

Your yard is about to get the ulti-mutt, pup-approved GLOW UP for summertime. With these dog backyard ideas in your arsenal, you'll have your furry friend jumping for joy in no time. If you implement these tips, snap a photo of your dog-friendly backyard transformation and share with us to be featured on DOGTV.