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Healthy Treats to Make for Your Pets

We’re always looking for great treats for our dogs, because let’s face it, we have the best dogs in the world and they deserve treats. We want to reward them, but we’re also conscious of their weight, their health and the fact that some dogs have serious food reactions. 

Treats should never exceed more than ten percent of your dog’s total diet. High-value treats (treats your dog LOVES) should be given sparingly as a reward for a job well done. You should take your dog’s general health and nutritional requirements into consideration before giving any treats in addition to a diet. Some dogs love grain-based treats, but can’t handle grain. So find something they love instead. 

When it comes to protein, choose lean meats with low-fat content. Remember to choose treats that complement your dog’s diet. For example, fish is a great way to give your dog the omegas they need for their healthy skin and coat. 

Sushi: The Woof Roll

Speaking of sushi, we have a great recipe from The Dog Chef! This is a pet-people-friendly recipe that you, your dog (and even your cat) will adore. Learn how to make the Woof Roll.

We’re coming up on the holidays, which means this collection of cookie recipes are ideal! Carob Chip  Cookies are a fun twist on an old classic – best of all, you can share them with your dogs (and the neighborhood dogs)! The Dog Chef teaches you how to make these treats.  

Chicken Jerky 

Since we’re trying to eat healthy these days, we want our dogs to eat healthy as well. One of my dogs can’t handle grain – at all – he turns into a bloated rage machine. So we’re very cautious about the types of food he can have, which means only the best food from The Honest Kitchen. But occasionally, we love to supplement with other treats and Chicken Jerky is one of our favorites. Learn how to make it here:

Chick Pea Training Treats

My other dog is a bit more tolerant with food. She can handle a lot of different types of ingredients. But the problem is that she gains weight quickly. That’s why we want healthy treats for them. Roasted Chick Peas are ideal training treats! They are low-calorie, filled with fiber and great for people and pets.

Granola Bars 

Personally, I’m a grain fanatic. Put me on a diet of bread and water, and I’ll do fine (I won’t look great, but I’ll feel okay). These granola bars are great for your dogs (if they can handle grains).

Don’t forget to check out into The Dog Chef! We know you will find some amazing recipes your dogs will love! 

You and your pup can enjoy some DOGTV while you enjoy the treats you’ve just made!