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How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Anything

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Anything

Accidents happen! And with dogs, they can happen again and again… and again. It doesn’t take long before the smell of dog pee can permeate your sofa, rug, wood floors, or wherever your dog has chosen to do their business. So let’s talk about how to get dog pee smell out of pretty much anything. 

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Choose the Right Cleaner for Dog Pee

Choosing the right cleaner is the first step. Not any cleaner will do! Biological waste like urine, puke, or poop needs to be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaning product. This is because enzyme cleaners actually eat the bacteria that cause odor. Regular household cleaners don’t have that capability. 

There are some very strong enzymatic cleaners on the market, but not all are safe for pets and that’s very important. Many have overpowering scents, even for humans. Imagine what your dog smells when you use it!

Here’s what to look for in a good enzymatic cleaner: 

  • Subtle scent – synthetic fragrances or essential oils are often too strong or even dangerous for pets
  • Non-toxic to pets (you know they lick everything!)
  • Clear in color so as not to stain fabric or other surfaces
  • Durable packaging

Kinderbean’s™ No Stress Mess Eraser is our favorite enzyme cleaner that checks all the boxes! We found the slight citrus-grapefruit tea-tree scent to be pleasant but not overpowering. And it gets the job done! It even gets out old stains and odors after they’ve set in. Most importantly, it’s safe for our pets. 

No Stress Mess Eraser works on textiles, such as furniture, rugs, curtains, plush toys, and clothes. It also works on hard surfaces like wood and vinyl. You can even add it to your laundry!

Saturate the Pee Spot with Cleaner

Yes, you read that right. Saturate the spot! An enzyme cleaner needs to reach everywhere the pee has so it can begin to eat the bacteria. 

Before you do, though, always test the product in an inconspicuous area. 

Surprisingly, you don’t use as much product as you might think when you saturate the stain. The No Stress Mess Eraser has a squirt top so you can target the spot directly without using a lot of product. We also found this top to be more durable than spray tops which can break easily, sometimes even in shipping. 

Gently Scrub the Surface with the Bottle

One of the biggest mistakes dog parents make when trying to clean up dog pee is applying the product and then immediately scrubbing with a dry cloth or paper towel to soak up the pee, taking the product with it. Enzyme cleaners need time to eat the bacteria. 

Instead, after saturating the spot, use the bottom of the bottle to gently massage the product into the spot if it’s on a soft surface, such as a sofa or carpet. 

If the pee spot is on a hard surface, you can simply wipe up as much pee as you can with a cloth or paper towel, then saturate the area. 

Place a Clean Cloth Over the Saturated Spot

This is when the enzyme magic begins! Place a clean cloth over the saturated area and then put something heavy on top to weigh it down. 

Let it sit overnight and voila! In the morning, you can remove the cloth and notice the spot is gone, along with all the odor-causing bacteria. 

If you need to, you can re-treat the area using the same method. However, when cleaned properly, most spots and stains should only require one treatment. 

Change the Meaning of the Spot Where Your Dog Peed

After the spot is thoroughly cleaned, even your dog shouldn’t be able to smell pee there anymore. However, dogs are creatures of habit and once they’ve gotten into the routine of peeing in a spot, especially if they’ve been doing so for a long time, it’s important to change the meaning of that area to avoid repeat offenses. 

Most dogs won’t pee where they eat. So one trick many trainers use is to put a treat on that spot. Or, you can put your dog’s food bowl in the area where they peed last. This method may require some persistence on your part, but your dog will eventually learn that the spot is not an acceptable pee spot. 

You may need to try this method in several areas around the home, even in bedrooms or bathrooms, if your dog has taken up peeing there. Just make sure you properly clean the area and let it dry before you place your dog’s food there. 

The Last Woof!

Cleaning up dog pee from any surface is primarily about getting the right enzymatic product and using it properly. This is so important because spots that are not cleaned up properly lead to repeat offenses. Trust us, your dog knows where all the pee spots are!

Accidents happen, but with the right product and cleaning process, no one will ever know!