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How To Get Your Dog In Shape For Spring

Quarantine has been hard on everyone around the world during these days of a global pandemic. We’ve all had to do what we can to get through this tough time. Unfortunately, for us (and our pets), comfort food was high on that list. Alas, swimsuit season is only a couple of months away. If you want to hit the beach with your dog and feel good about doing it, it’s time to get started on a new course of action. 

We know that most gyms are still closed, but that’s okay. WIth your best four-legged friend by your side, you can make working out the fun new thing to do at home. We’ve got some fun ways you can do to improve you and your pet’s physique without putting your health at risk. 

Change Out Treats

Rather than giving you (or your pets) a high-calorie treat, consider sharing some more natural treats, like carrot sticks or lean turkey breast. These tips will help you select healthier snacks. They are a lot more fun to eat when you’re both chewing on them and they will keep you and your dog’s stomach from rumbling. There are plenty of healthy treats and meals you can share with your dog. 

Walk More, Whine Less

Walk more, whine less is a mantra we have found helpful this year. Not only does it help stay positive, it reminds us to get outside for mid-day walks, writing breaks, and evenings. Walking your dog is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you and your pet. Give them plenty of time to sniff around and explore. 


Yoga in Sanskrit means to “join” or “unite”. This is why dogs and yoga just naturally go together. If you already enjoy yoga, you know how much more fun it is to have your dog join in on occasion. Stretching and unusual movements can challenge you and your dog. There are many excellent videos available about how to do yoga with your dog. 


Agility is great exercise for pets and pet parents alike. Best of all, any breed of dog can participate. This sport is entirely active, requires fast moves and plenty of thought. Consider joining an agility group or taking some classes! 

Follow Along with Our Weekly Series

Join in on the fun at DogTV as Laura Nativo takes viewers on a weekly adventure that helps you stay active. She’ll be exploring fun activities you can do with your dog that help you both stay active no matter what level of activity you enjoy. 

An estimated 42.4 percent of US adults, 56 percent of dogs and 60 percent of cats are dangerously overweight. Keeping ourselves and our pets at an optimum weight is one of our biggest responsibilities of pet parenting. 

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