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Indoor Workouts To Do With Your Dog

Indoor Workouts To Do With Your Dog

When the temperature drops, the struggle NOT to curl up on the couch with your dog and hibernate until spring is real. Why not use the cold weather as the time to turn up the heat with workouts you can do with your dogs? It's a fantastic tag-team adventure that doesn't require bundling up and stepping outside.

Plus, staying active together helps improve your health, strengthen your bond, and brings a whole lot of fun to chilly days. 

So, how do you transform your living room into a fitness playground for you and your furry indoor gym buddy? Let’s dive in!

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What are the Benefits of Joint Exercise with Pups and Pet Parents?

Buddies who sweat together, stay together—and enjoy these double-duty benefits.

Exercise is Good for your physical and mental health. 

Staying in tip-top shape not only helps burn those extra calories from too many treats (we're looking at you both!) but also improves heart health, keeps joints flexible, and sparks mental stimulation, including the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. That’s a win-win for you AND your dog! 

Exercise is Good for your dog-human relationship. 

Workouts with your dog double as quality time together. Think of it as strengthening your friendship muscles. These shared activities help you understand each other better, bringing you both closer and making your connection stronger. It's a surefire way to make your everyday interactions even more PAWsome.

How do you Prepare for SAFE Indoor Workouts with your Dog?

Here are some general tips for avoiding human or canine injuries and ensuring a fun experience for both pup and person during joint exercises. 

  • First things first, clear the floor of sharp objects, loose wires, or tripping hazards. 
  • Ensure there’s ample room and lighting to prevent collisions or accidents.
  • Lay down a non-slip mat to keep paws (and human feet) steady during all the action. 
  • If exercise gear is involved, double-check that it's suitable for your dog's size and breed.
  • Finally, kick off the workout with your dog with an easy warm-up. Don't rush into the intense stuff. This means you must know your dog's limits, especially if they're older or have health concerns.

What are the Most Popular Joint Exercise Routines for Dogs and People?

  1. Yoga with Your Dog (Doga): Let’s get flexible! You can adapt simple yoga poses for you and your pooch, such as the downward dog or seated stretches.

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  2. Cardio Workouts: Get your heart pumping by jogging in place, doing high knees, or running up and down stairs with your pup.

  3. Strength Training: When doing squats and lunges, you can keep your dog actively involved by giving them easy commands or using their favorite toys while you work those muscles.

  4. Agility Drills: Guide your dog through tunnels, have them jump over low obstacles, or weave between things. The best part about this exercise for you and your dog? You can use things you already have at home. 

How do you Mix Playtime and Workouts With Dogs?

  1. Tug of War: Hold one end of a sturdy toy or rope, ask your dog to grab the other, and do a back-and-forth tug. It's fun for your dog; it's a great upper body workout for you. 

  2. Fetch Variations: Upgrade the classic game of fetch with a fitness twist. Each time you throw a ball for your dog to retrieve, perform squats or lunges as your dog retrieves the ball and brings it back.

  3. Hide and Seek: Find a spot to hide while your dog stays. As you sneak around, it becomes a cardio challenge for you and a brain exercise for your dog.

Tips for Creating a Regular Exercise Routine for you and your Dog.

Try these ideas to help you find the perfect rhythm for workouts with dogs and ensure consistency.

  • As a general rule of thumb, aim for at least 30 minutes per session. Too busy? Even squeezing in a quick 10-minute workout with your dog can make a difference.
  • Find the sweet spot in your schedules. Are you an early bird or a night owl? It’s best to do the exercise for dogs when both your energy levels are high. 
  • Watch for signs of fatigue. If your dog's energy is drooping or you're feeling the drag, don't hesitate to hit "paws."
  • Make exercising enjoyable so you and your dog always look forward to it. Incorporate activities that both you and your dog love. The key is to turn routine into excitement.

Beat the winter blues together by staying active indoors. Your dog stays fit, and so do you! With these tips in your pocket, you can have shared activities that weave joy into your daily life.