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It’s National Hug Your Dog Day!

April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day. Why do we need a national holiday for hugging dogs? Because it’s not only good for you and your pets, it’s good for society!

In a time when life can be stressful for many, it’s more important than ever to keep our emotional and mental health in focus. Dogs can help do that with a simple hug.

Three reasons why you should hug your dog 

It releases oxytocin.

Hugging your dog releases hormones in both you and your dog that make you feel good. Oxytocin is a natural hormone associated with love. When you can’t hug your human, hugging your dog is just as good! 

It helps calm you and your pets.

When you feel loved, you send that same love into the universe. You’re kinder to people, neighbors, and animals. Right now, the world needs more kindness. Hugging your dog can help relieve stress and keep you calm during moments of anxiety. This is just one reason why therapy dogs are so important! 

It relieves stress.

When the news just seems more grim every day, hugging your dog can be a wonderful way to relieve stress and overcome anxiety. 

If you have a dog who enjoys hugs, consider yourself blessed! Not all dogs love to hug. But, most animals love to feel close to you. If you have a dog who doesn’t like to hug, just sitting quietly with him under a tree or on the couch is about as close to relaxed and comfortable as you’ll ever be. 

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