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The best Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms (or Moms Who Love Dogs!)

The best Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms (or Moms Who Love Dogs!)

Mother’s Day is around the corner – have you finished your shopping yet? If you’re stuck on what to get your dog-loving mom this Mother’s Day, look no further! We’ve put together a gift guide with some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms (or moms who love dogs).

Custom Pet Portrait

We just posted a round-up here of great selections for custom pet portraits. There are options to suit every personality, from irreverent pop culture to simple and classic.

If you want to make this gift even more personal, create the portrait yourself! With the Uncommon Goods Paint Your Pet Portrait Class, you get a 90 minute live virtual class with an experienced instructor to help you create your masterpiece.

Custom Socks

Want a custom gift, but need it fast? These socks from Fur Baby Socks are the perfect gift for any dog mom, and they are processed and shipped within the next business day! Just upload a photo of your dog and they will turn it into a custom pair of socks in a comfy cotton-poly blend. These are a Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to put a spring in her step every time she wears them.

Dog Butt Magnets

For the dog mom who has everything, we’re willing to bet she doesn’t have these! This set of 6 magnets (5 butts and a fire hydrant) from Kikkerland will have any dog mom cracking up (see what we did there?) every time she walks by the fridge.

Rescue Dog Wines

How about a gift that will help mom relax, and benefit rescue pups? Rescue Dog Wines donates 50% of their profits to rescue and foster organizations, and they have offerings like Predominantly Poodle Sauvignon Blanc, Bubbly Boxer that you can be shipped to 39 states. If you are 7 dog years or older, use code DOGTVRDW to save 20% on your order.

Drink Buddy

Maybe your dog mom isn’t a wine drinker… Don’t worry, we also have a gift for those who prefer the champagne of beers. That’s My Buddy creates custom koozies that can be personalized with her pup’s face. They are a steal at $12 each and have a number of designs in both standard and slim can sizes, but if you have trouble deciding, our favorite is the Baja Drink Buddy.

How To Speak Dog

Even the most experienced dog mom has room to level up her communication skills. These How To Speak Dog Cards are a great refresher course in how dog’s communicate, with helpful tips about body language, facial expressions, and the tone and tempo of their bark.

Teach Your Dog to Talk

Remember Stella, the talking dog? Stella’s mom Christina is a speech pathologist who spends her days working with children who have language developmental delays. She took her experience working with kids and taught Stella to use words by pressing buttons on a communication board. Stella has now grown to be able to use 45 different words!

Christina now sells a Talking Pet Starter Set on her website. It includes 4 buttons, which you can use to record simple words like “WALK” or “OUTSIDE” and a step by step teaching guide, so the dog mom in your life can know just what her pup is saying.

In Conclusion

Any dog mom would be thrilled to receive any of these gifts, but the best part is that each one is unique and personal. So take your pick and make this Mother’s Day the best one yet!

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