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The Perfect Puppy Starter Package

The Perfect Puppy Starter Package

Welcome to the world of puppy love, pet parents! Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled, your socks stolen, and your entire house re-decorated with the insides of your puppy’s favorite stuffed toy. Not to mention the thrilling experience of training your dog, hoarding puppy supplies, and basically becoming a 24/7 Puppy Personal Assistant, aka PPA, for your fur-ever friend. But hey, all the hard work will be worth it for that irresistibly adorable face, that wag of the tail, and those slobbery kisses. 

To kickstart your exciting adventure as a new puppy parent, here’s a list of must-include essentials in your puppy starter package: 

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Dog DNA Test  

Are you curious about your puppy’s true heritage? Look no further than Embark’s dog DNA kit! With a simple cheek swab, you’ll discover your little furball’s breed mix and uncover any potential health concerns. It’s like a paternity test for your puppy, with way less drama and much more adorableness, and maybe some pleasant surprises. 

Dog Health Insurance 

Pet Health Insurance is the financial superhero for your furry friend. It’s a safety net for unexpected vet bills such as surgeries, illnesses, and accidents. With it, you can afford to give your pup the gold-standard treatments they deserve — without worrying about breaking the bank. 

Health Monitoring Kit

Do you want to sleep easy knowing that somebody is always watching over your dog’s health? With Maven, you get 24/7 proactive pet care to prevent health issues and maintain their overall well-being. It includes monitoring your pet for signs of illness or injury and addressing any concerns before they become a big problem.

Dog Bed

A good puppy bed (like the ones from Bark & Slumber) is like a fancy hotel for your pooch. It should have a fluffy and comfortable mattress, sturdy and supportive sides, and ideally, be machine-washable. You can also choose which type of dog bed to buy based on your puppy’s sleeping position. Most importantly, the puppy bed should be big enough for them to stretch out, have room to wiggle around, and dream about chasing squirrels. 

Snuggle Puppy

Give your dog a hug even when you’re not around. Snuggle Puppy is a toy that simulates the warmth and heartbeat of a real dog to help soothe anxious or lonely pups. It’s great for providing comfort and helping dogs feel less stressed and more secure in the absence of their puppy parents. 

A Place to Pee

A basic pee pad or a more advanced bark potty is one of the most important puppy supplies for house training. These are absorbent pads placed on the floor for dogs to use as a designated personal toilet. This helps them learn where the appropriate spot to do their business is when they can’t go outside.

Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy can include regular teeth brushing, dental chews like Bark Bright, and dental-specific food and water additives. These are all effective in preventing bad breath and tartar buildup and promoting overall oral health. 


If you want a personal fortress for your furry friend that can double as home decor, go for furniture-style crates. Just ensure it’s the right size for your puppy and has enough ventilation and comfortable bedding inside. It’s great for giving your dog a safe space of their own and for training them. 

Toys for mental stimulation

Give your puppy’s brain a good workout with interactive toys such as snuffle mats. They encourage dogs to use their sense of smell to find treats hidden in the mat’s fabric. They help entertain puppies and keep their minds active. But if your dog thinks every mat in the house is a snuffle mat and checks them all out, you can opt for treat dispenser toys instead.

DOGTV Subscription

Want to prepare your new puppy for the frenzied world outside? Gently introduce them to new sounds, like babies crying and fireworks, through DOGTV Exposure segments. It’ll keep them calm and entertained throughout the day with the 24/7 live feed. 

It’s about to get wild and waggy in your house. But don’t worry, pet parents! With the items on this puppy starter package list, you’ll be equipped with all the puppy supplies you need to ensure your pet has a happy and healthy life. It’s the first step in creating a lifetime of puppy love.