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4 Thrilling Adventures For You and Your Dog

4 Thrilling Adventures For You and Your Dog

By Kenneth Reaves

Are you and your furry friend getting cabin fever? Are you looking for something fun for both of you to do? As fun as watching TV can be, maybe it’s time to head out the house and find a bit of excitement! 

Make sure your fluff is well-prepared and you’ve taken safety precautions. Just a bit of planning can make for an excellent outing together. 

Here are 4 thrilling adventures for you and your dog to do together. 

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Take Them To Dog Camp 

Just like you can send your kids to summer camp, you can get camps for dogs! There’s a twist, though. You need to be there too. 

This isn’t just a doggy daycare type of camp. These camps are designed to facilitate the bond between pup parent and dog, like Camp Dogwood, for example. 

This kind of camp is filled with fun activities for both dogs and humans. These activities focus on educating the dog parents about their furry friends, and developing the dogs’ potential while allowing them to have fun. 

It’s ideal for active working dogs. Activities include things like agility training, herding, and scenting, as well as educational sessions teaching owners how to understand their dog’s body language and give positive reinforcement. 

Go On A Fishing Trip 

Dogs love getting out in the fresh air. If you’re a keen angler, why not take your dog along for the trip next time you go? 

Make sure they have a life jacket, even if they can swim. Also, it’s a good idea to take a first aid kit that contains items to treat your dog if necessary. 

Dogs love being on the water, so if you’re boating or kayaking, take your pet along. They may also want to swim in the water, so be aware and patient if they scare fish away! 

Choose a spot without hazards (like roads or waterfalls) and keep your dog under control with verbal commands or a leash so they don’t get out of hand. 

Stay At A Dog-Friendly Hotel 

If you want an adventure that’s thrilling in a relaxed and luxurious kind of way, why not stay overnight at a dog-friendly hotel? 

Some hotels offer doggy room service and provide water, treats and even bedding for your furry friend. If your dog has never stayed overnight at a place away from home, this may be a fun outing with new smells and people for your dog to enjoy. 

Go On A Road Trip 

Is there somewhere you’ve been wanting to go? Pack your pup in the car and head out there! You can stop along the way to eat at dog-friendly restaurants, stay overnight at a pet-friendly place, and see the countryside together. 

Be sure to keep your dog as safe as possible in the car. We advise getting a dog seatbelt and making sure he has enough water and stays cool. 


Ready to head out and try some of these thrilling adventures? Make sure your dog is as prepared as you are, and don’t forget to take along a dog first aid kit just in case. 

Have fun! 


Kenneth Reeves is a professional angler who loves taking his dogs along for the experience.