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5 (Under $25) Holiday Gifts for High-Energy Dogs

5 (Under $25) Holiday Gifts for High-Energy Dogs

It’s here! The ultimate guide to gifts for dogs — and not just any dogs, but energy-infused furry friends.

So does your dog’s personality fit the following descriptions?

  • Their idea of relaxing is setting their favorite toy down for a few minutes of chasing their own tail.
  • If mom and dad are home, it’s off to the park to run, run, run we go! Or play fetch in the backyard. Or a puzzle game and some tug-of-war. Or…you get the idea.
  • The party never ends, and the energy is ALWAYS up.

Sound familiar? Then classify your pup under “The Energized” type. And we have the perfect gifts for the high-energy dogs in your life — all for under $25.

1. New toys, of course.

High-energy dogs love to play, so giving them a new toy to chew on, fetch, or interact with can give them hours of canine fun and mental stimulation.

  1. Indestructible toys: Let your dog release all that pent-up energy with long tug toys to last you a while.

Best gift: Booda Fresh N Floss Spearmint 3-Knot Rope Dog Toy

  1. Fetch toys: Give your ball-of-energy dog the gift of endless hours of throw-and-catch.

Best gift: Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher

  1. Interactive toys: Puzzles are a great option for high-energy dogs because they work their brains to burn the extra energy.

Best gift: Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy

2. A long line leash.

Not a retractable, but a leash you can give your dog some slack with without letting them completely off the leash. Grab this gift for high-energy dogs if you’re looking for a safe and controlled way for them to run, explore, and play in open fields.

  1. 10 to 15 feet: This is a short to medium-length option for high-energy dogs that tend to pull or lunge. It’s great for training or everyday use.

Best gift: Leashboss Long Trainer

  1. 20 to 25 feet: This is the longer option that’s perfect for running, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Best gift: Four Paws Cotton Web Training Dog Lead

  1. 30 to 50 feet: It’s the longest option in this gift guide. Your bundle of energy will absolutely go bananas over the massive amount of space to run and play.

Best gift: Downtown Pet Supply Training Dog Lead

3. A training book.

Not because your high-energy dog lacks manners but because all that energy could be used to learn new things. Spend a little time each day teaching your energetic pup how to channel their boundless energy in a more productive way.

  1. Obedience training: This can give you the skills and knowledge to help your dog become a well-behaved and obedient companion.

Best gift: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love

  1. Trick training: Teach your dog a wide variety of new tricks to keep their mind sharp as a tack.

Best gift: The Dog Tricks & Training Workbook: A Step-by-Step Interactive Curriculum to Engage, Challenge, & Bond with Your Dog

  1. Clicker training: It’s a gift for dog owners who want to use positive reinforcement to train their high-energy dog.

Best gift: Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training

4. Portable water bowl.

A high-energy dog who likes adventures certainly works up some thirst. Easy-to-carry bowls are the best gifts for dogs who want to stay hydrated and refreshed whenever and wherever they want.

  1. Collapsible water bowl: You can easily fold this lightweight bowl when not in use, making them easy to store and transport.

Best gift: Mr. Peanut’s Premium Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Bowls

  1. Travel water bowl: It’s a convenient and practical option for high-energy dogs who are always on the go.

Best gift: Outward Hound Dog Travel Bowl & Treat Tote

  1. Insulated water bowl: It’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving cool and fresh water to your thirsty buddy.

Best gift: KONG H2O K9 UNIT Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl

5. A DOGTV subscription.

Science-led programming designed for every dog personality, even the overflowing-with-energy type, is the perfect holiday gift that keeps on giving, day in and day out.

Your high-energy pup will have access to playful, animated sequences that provide the type of mental stimulation that is as equally important as physical exercise. A brain workout for a brain that never slows down… what more could you ask for?

Click here to get your first three months for just $15 when you start your subscription today, and let your dog thank you later.

A high-energy dog needs a thoughtful gift to keep their brains and body busy, and there’s still plenty of time to grab any of the essentials on this gift guide for the paw-liday!

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