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7 Unexpected Ways To Boost Your Dog's Day-To-Day Wellness

7 Unexpected Ways To Boost Your Dog's Day-To-Day Wellness

When it comes to dog wellness, two things are essential: kibbles and walks. But why stick to the same old script when you can infuse a dose of some fresh, unexpected twists into your pup’s life?

There are more ways than just diet and exercise to keep your dog happy and healthy. Some ways are fun, others are unexpected, and all are welcome. 

Let’s go beyond the basics with these 8 unexpected ways to give your dog’s wellness a daily boost! 

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  1. Give your dog’s diet a makeover.

Dogs can grow weary of the “same kibbles, different day” routine. Spice up mealtime by upgrading to high-quality foods that match their age and unique nutritional requirements. 

For example, cooked chicken or eggs can be a tasty addition to your pooch’s regular meals and a great source of extra nutrients. And some veggies like carrots, peas, and green beans make healthy and crunchy treats. Talk to your vet to pick the perfect diet and ensure a smooth transition without tummy troubles. It's a delicious way to keep your dog healthy! 

  1. Host a dance party! 

Did you know that music can have positive effects on dogs? It can improve their mood and provide mental stimulation. So, let your hair (and your pup's fur) down! With a groovy dance-off to keep your dog happy, you can jazz up your dog's wellness regimen with an activity you can enjoy together. 

First, teach your dog how to dance. Get your dog to twirl or do the cha-cha using tasty treats as a reward.

Then turn up the doggy tunes that get tails shaking, and watch your pooch boogie to the beats with you.

  1. Pamper your pup with a spa day.

Turn your home into a doggy day spa — for a day or every day! Your canine companion is bound to love the pampering. 

What can you include in the dog wellness package?

A good ol' massage. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from kneading those muscles. Don't forget to whip out some dog-friendly essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and cedarwood. Mix 'em up, dilute 'em, and let the rejuvenating vibes roll while your dog goes from ruff to relaxed. 

Paw-fect grooming. It’s not just about fancy haircuts. We’re talking about a full royal treatment from head to paws so your pooch can strut their stuff looking and feeling fantastic. 

  • Brush your dog’s coat regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • Put the sparkle back in their smile by brushing their teeth regularly. 
  • Maintain ear care to fend off infections.
  • Trim nails to ensure they can walk comfortably on all surfaces. 
  1. Embark on a doggy expedition.

Bring some variety into your dog's life to keep them happy and entertained!

Outdoors, you can swap out the standard route with a stroll through exciting new places or hit the trails for an invigorating fall hike. 

When the weather turns sour, opt for an indoor escapade that adds an extra layer of challenge to dog wellness. For example, set up treasure hunts for your dog's treats, making them work for the rewards.

Don’t be afraid to get outside of your normal routine and give your dog a small taste of adventure! 

  1. Do some doga!

That's yoga with your furry friend! This light workout keeps your pup healthy and helps you both stay active and fit. 

Here are some ways you can get your zen on:

Pooch-assisted Stretches: You can use your dog as a prop for certain stretches. For instance, gently rock your dog forward and back while you do a seated leg stretch or hold onto your dog during a standing figure 4 stretch.

Partner Poses: In doga, you and your workout buddy can perform traditional yoga poses side by side. Popular dog-friendly options include the child's pose and, quite literally, downward dogs.

  1. Tune into DOGTV.

Improve your dog's well-being by adding a unique scientifically based streaming service to their daily routine!

Made just for pups, DOGTV has hundreds of soothing and stimulating content that can help calm dogs, keep their minds engaged, and prevent boredom. Start your free trial here! 

  1. Let Fido be Fido.

Get to know your dog’s innate qualities and quirks and give your dog the freedom to be their #bestauthenticself. 

How do you embrace natural behaviors and instincts to keep your pooch happy? Let them chase, dig, sniff, and simply revel in being a dog. Find off-leash parks for a wild romp or set up playdates with other four-legged pals. At home, consider setting up a designated digging area or sandbox in your yard for your dog to indulge in. Sometimes a dog just needs to be a dog, and you are the best pet parent to support them in that need! 

In a world full of fetch and belly rubs, it's time to up your daily dog wellness game. Try these out-of-the-ordinary tips and tricks and sniff out which of them works best for you and your pet. By thinking outside the box, you'll make sure your dog isn't just healthy but downright thrilled about each day.