Meet Jenny, a dog lover and blog contributor with 2 adopted pups Rocky and Zoey. Specializing in exploring how technology products can elevate our pets lives, Jenny combines her love for animals with a keen interest in the latest tech trends for pets. Her insightful articles offer a holistic approach to ensuring our four-legged companions lead happy, healthy lives.

Doggie doing Yoga at home - otherwise known as Doga

3 min read

7 Unexpected Ways To Boost Your Dog's Day-To-Day Wellness

When it comes to dog wellness, two things are essential: kibbles and walks. But why stick to the same old script when you can infuse a dose of some fresh, unexpected twists into your pup’s life?

Happy dog after taking probiotics, getting a belly rub

2 min read

Probiotics for Your Dog 101

Does your dog have tummy trouble? Maybe their bathroom habits are anything but regular, or...

Grooming can be relaxing for a dog - happy dog getting a bath at groomer

2 min read

6 Ways to Calm Your Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

Is your furry friend afraid of the groomer? Do they turn into a bundle of nerves at the mention...