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Pawsitively Adorable: Family Costumes that Incorporate Your Beloved Canine

Pawsitively Adorable: Family Costumes that Incorporate Your Beloved Canine

There's no wrong time to dress up with your pet!

Of course, there's the obvious date, October 31st and all the fun that comes with Halloween, but that's not the only time you and your pup can get dolled up!

Did you know that National Dress Up Your Dog Day is January 14th each year? It's a great excuse to spice up the doldrums of winter with some costume creation and photo-taking!

Do you work as a Teacher, in Health Care, as a First Responder, or in a trade? You might not be able to bring your pup with you to your workplace for Bring Your Dog to Work Day in June, but you can dress them up to match you in their version of scrubs or uniform!

Costumes for dogs can be more creative than you’d imagine! We've curated the best ones designed to involve your furry friend in the family fun — including DIY costumes for dogs for more budget-friendly ideas.

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Pet Parent and Dog Duo Costumes

Calling all dynamic duos! It takes two to don these cute attires that pair well like peanut butter and jelly. Think Romeo and Juliet, Mickey and Minnie, or Mario and Luigi. 

Barista and Pupuccino Pair

How do you serve up a double shot of cuteness? To nail the barista look, throw on a green apron, add a name tag, and cap it off with a black baseball hat.

For Puppuccino costumes for dogs, grab some white felt, cardboard, green straw, and stuffing material like Poly-Fil

Surfing with Sharky

Jaws will drop with these tubular surfer and shark DIY costumes for dogs. All you need is some foam core board and a little creativity. Cut out the surfboard and the shark fin, and you’re ready to ride the wave for Shark Week, which happens the third week of July.

Police Pals

This K-9 unit is poised to patrol the streets and sniff out treats. For the adorable po-po and pup costume, you can use white puffy paint to draw the lettering, chrome-colored spray paint to cover the cardboard badges, and black felt for the dog outfit. 

Costumes for Dogs in a Family of Three

These family costume ideas prove that three is never a crowd. You can channel iconic pop culture trios or dive into a theme that showcases your common interests. 

The Gotham Clan

Every community needs its own caped crusaders. So take on the role of Batman, Batgirl, and Robin to ensure the bad guys stay in check.

The Garden Gang

Your family is about to burst into full bloom and set the neighborhood buzzing. For the flower attire, fashion a pink petal hat and a green leaf necklace. Add a plastic flower pot and fake flowers for extra flair. DIY costumes for dogs are a cinch: sew bee wings, a tail, and black stripes on a yellow shirt, and accessorize with a felt ball antennae headband. Gnomes just need a snazzy red cardstock hat, white beard and eyebrows, and everyday clothes. 

National Plant a Flower Day is March 12th every year! Celebrate your love for each other, pups, and plants as you plant a garden together!

The S’mores Squad

National S'Mores Day is on August 10th! Crafting these costumes is a piece of cake—the gooey, toasty kind. Simply turn the adults into a Hershey's bar and crunchy graham cracker. Then you can give your pooch a marshmallowy dog costume by wrapping him in a king-size pillow

The Gang’s All Here Family Costumes with Dogs 

Round up your crew of more than three members for fantastic group costumes. Getting everybody involved, furry ones included, is easier than you think.

Team Incredibles

Join the league of superheroes as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, with Incredipaws in tow. You can buy the shirts for the entire fam or print out the Incredibles logo and stick them to red tees. Plus, wear a black mask and your regular jeans or black leather pants.  Easy, comfy, and incredibly fun!

The Happy Meal Family

Celebrate dog and human dress up with a side of fries! Some of the costumes and accessories you can DIY are the milkshake headpiece (get a white headband and cotton), small fry (use a red onesie and thick yellow felt), and the ketchup dog costume (grab a red shirt and hat). Don't forget to snag an actual Happy Meal box as a key accessory.

Krispy Yummykreme

This is the perfect costume for the biggest and sweetest family. The parents can dress up as the bakers and the kids can all be the delicious donuts. Even the dog can join the fun and sprinkle sweetness wherever you go.

Assembling these costumes for dogs and your family is half the fun! 

Dressing up is all about using your imagination. Just remember these safety tips to avoid scary mishaps: 

  • Always keep an eye on your dogs while they’re in costume.
  • Make sure the dog's costume is comfy. Nothing too tight. Your pet should be able to move, breathe, and see without struggling.
  • Double-check that the DIY costumes for dogs don’t have small parts that they can easily chew or ingest. 

Enjoy any excuse to dress up with your pooch!