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Capturing Your Dog’s Model Side: Pet Photography Tips

Capturing Your Dog’s Model Side: Pet Photography Tips

Womp, womp, wommmp. You know your dog is Instamodel-worthy, but if only you knew how to showcase their good side properly. 

It can be challenging to capture fabulous pictures of your dogs. You might lose their attention — SQUIRREL!!! — or be snapping as they squirm around, resulting in blurry pictures.  

If you want great shots of your dogs that double as artwork in your home, we have some simple photography skills that will dress up the blandest of IG feeds. Even Tyra Banks would approve! 

1. Use natural light. 

Camera flashes can be scary and distracting and make your dog’s eyes glow (a.k.a. the dreaded red-eye effect). 

The remedy? Go outdoors, especially during cloudy days. You will shoot better photos of your dog when it’s not too bright and not too dark. 

Indoors, take pictures of your pets in your sunroom or anywhere near the windows. Let the natural light bring out your dog’s best features. 

2. Get on your pet’s level. 

When it comes to pet photography, it’s all about the angles! The best shots will be taken at your dog’s level (or close to it). To find their most flattering side, don’t hesitate to get down on your knees or even lie down. Taking photos while standing over your dogs won’t catch their best angle, and that’s a photography no-no.

3. Plan a good time of day.

Maybe not when they first wake up and are totally wired. The picture-perfect timing depends on the results you’re going for. 

If you want to make it easier for you to capture their charming personality, tire your pup out with a long walk or some playtime before attempting model shots. If you want some action photos of your dog, put your camera on burst mode so you can capture every moment while your dog is running around the dog park. 

4. Use stuff your dog loves. 

Squeakers, snacks  — anything to get pets ready for their close-up! 

Use these in your dog picture-taking session if you want them to look your way and pay close attention (AKA model). You can also let them hug their favorite stuffed toy for awww-inducing pet photos. 

When your dog photography session is over, remember to reward them with the toys and treats you used to make them be at their best model behavior. 

5. Prep your shoot in advance.

Don’t just wing it! Want the perfect shots of your dogs for your holiday card? Prepare the comfy costumes. Gather your props. Have everything set and ready. Tidy up any surrounding mess. Then you can focus on keeping the attention of your adorable dog during the photoshoot. 

Hot photography tip for the best backdrop: You can keep things simple by using Mother Nature. Choose a color that will make your dog stand out, and avoid busy prints that take away the focus on your dog. 

6. Know when it’s time to call it quits (or take a break). 

Your dogs might look like a model, but don’t work them like one! 

 You can always take more photos later. If your pup is stressed or checked out, save both of you the trouble and frustration. Take a break and review which shots you’ve gotten so far. You never know– maybe you already have an unexpected winner in the bunch.

Bonus dog photography tips: 

  • Make your pets get used to your photo-taking tool by letting them sniff it.
  • Get them groomed. Brush their hair, clean their face, and wipe their paws.
  • Have a friend or family member help you wrangle your pup while you snap.
  • Take lots of photos of your dog. The more pictures for you to choose from, the better! 
  • Don’t forget the extra battery, especially for outdoor photoshoots. 
  • Do edit. Cropping and adjusting the photo lighting and color never hurts.
  • Lastly, have fun! Sometimes the best dog photos are the spontaneous ones. 

You’re absolutely right! Your dog is ridiculously good-looking, and the whole world deserves to see it. You can’t go wrong with capturing the cuteness in pictures with these photography tips. You can use them for shooting videos, too! 

Always make sure your dogs are comfortable throughout the entire process. Don’t sacrifice their comfort for the sake of cuteness that will surely generate thousands of likes. 

So… got your dog? And your camera? Then get snapping! 

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