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Be Kind To Animals Week

May 3rd marks the start of Be Kind to Animals Week! First established in 1915 by  American Humane, this day is not only to celebrate our pets but also our relationship with them. Not only is this a significant day in our history, but it’s also a great time to remember how far we’ve come when it comes to treating animals fairly. 

We spoke with a few celebrity animal lovers about how they plan to celebrate Be Kind to Animals week with their families. 

Get Outside! 

“Our plan for the holiday is enjoying the outdoors with a fun little grilling session and then going on a long exploration hike in the woods with the girls,” said Susan Bewley, founder of Budget Earth. 

Hiking, camping and exploration are one of the best ways to celebrate. It’s relatively easy to keep people at a safe distance and there is nothing your dog will love more than spending a day with you in the great outdoors! 

Helping Others

You don’t have to be in the company of others to help out an animal rescue. Carol Bryant, blogger and founder of FidoseofReality.com said, “For ‘Be kind to animals week,’ I am helping a pet rescue in need. Now more than ever, animal rescues and shelters need our help. My Cocker Spaniel wants for nothing, but I know the folks at Abandoned Angels Cocker Rescue can use help so we are sending them a donation.”

Plan for Your Pet’s Future

Susan Luffey, owner of Pampered Pets and Plants, Inc. reports she will be focusing on helping others develop emergency plans for pets. 

“One we've learned recently is the importance of being prepared,” Luffey said. “This week, we are helping others develop an emergency plan for all of their pets, including livestock. Having a plan in the event you are hospitalized or worse can make all the difference in how your pet handles your absence. Make sure you have an emergency contact who has committed to caring for your pets should anything happen to you.” 

Show Gratitude

“We’re so lucky to share the planet with animals of all types,” said Brandy Arnold, managing editor of The Dogington Post. “The very least we can do is be kind to them—this week and every week after! From the bees that pollinate crops that keep us fed, to the worms that eat plastic waste, sharks that are leading to incredible advancements in the treatment of cancers, to the pets we share our hearts and homes with — the impact all animals have on humans and the planet is profound.” 

Be kind to your pets, think about ways you can help animals globally, and remember to be kind to yourself. Sit back and relax with your pets while watching DOGTV. It’s a relaxing way to spend your quarantine!