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Beat The Summer Heat With These Tips For Dogs

The dog days of summer are here and that means much of the nation will face hot, humid days and balmy nights. Heat exhaustion can be a challenging problem for pets. Make sure you and your pet are set up for success. Whether you’re in a hot, arid climate or a hot and humid one, there are ways to keep you and your dogs cool

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Water, water everywhere

The most important thing for life in the desert is access to water. No matter where you live, make sure your dogs have multiple ways to reach the water. It’s even better when you can provide it through multiple sources. Consider adding a pet fountain (or two) to your home, as well as a few extra water bowls. The goal is to encourage your pets to hydrate, which is the best way to combat the heat. 

Don’t forget to keep your car safe as well. Keeping a collapsible bowl and a gallon of water in your car ensures you will have access at any time. The life you save may be your own.

Cooling Pads and Cooling Jackets

Does your dog seem to really struggle in the heat? Just like humans, some dogs fare better than others during the dog days of summer. Cooling pads and cooling jackets may help get them through the toughest times. 

When selecting a cooling pad, choose one that is pressure-activated rather than one that requires freezing. Make sure that is nontoxic and works by absorbing your dog’s body heat to reduce their core temperature.

Pools and Water Sources 

Not all dogs enjoy swimming, but most will love getting their paws wet! Take a small kiddie pool to designate as your pet’s swim pad. It’s a fun way to let them cool off during the dog days of summer. Make sure you select waterproof collars that don’t mold or cause chafing and hot spots.

Maximize Air Flow 

Crating is generally avoided during summer for many people. But if you do need to crate your pets while you’re away, choose one that allows for plenty of ways to stay cool and lots of airflow. You should never direct fans towards pets, but having one that circulates the air is a must-have in summer. 

If you’re leaving your dogs home alone, make sure the house is cool and turn on fans to help circulate the air. Don’t forget to turn on DOGTV to keep them company while you’re away. Sign up for a FREE DOGTV trial subscription.

Protect Skin and Coat

Dogs can pick up a lot of skin issues during the summer. From hot spots to alopecia X, there is no end to the acute skin conditions that can result in a sick dog and lost fur. Treat any potential problems at the first sign of an issue. Hot spots can quickly develop into complex infections that will make summer even tougher on your pets. 

To help your pet manage the summer heat, be sure their body is dry after a swim. Brush frequently, especially those with heavy double coats. While you should never shave a double-coated dog, it is a good idea to de-shed them and continue daily brushings. The thinner fur will help them dry faster and stay cool longer. 

No matter where you live, you’re bound to encounter some tough temperatures. By staying prepared and aware, you can ensure the safety of your best four-legged friend.