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Is A Senior Dog Right For Your Family?

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, have you ever wondered if a senior dog is right for you and your family? There are many reasons people opt for senior dogs; not the least of which is sometimes these dogs are surrendered simply because they are “too slow” or might be costing more money in vet bills.

Senior dogs surrendered to shelters are scared and confused. They wonder, “why did my family leave me?” or “what did I do wrong?”

They may have been taken from a home they have known and loved for years and put into a shelter. It breaks our hearts, that this happens, but it does and that is why we are celebrating senior dogs all month!

If you’re going to expand your family, consider a senior dog. Ask the shelter operators or rescue groups to see a senior dog. We understand a senior dog won’t be with you as long as a puppy would, but the love and devotion you receive from an adopted senior pet are beyond compare. It’s as if these dogs understand the gift of a family you have given them.

Ask any shelter operator and he or she will likely tell you that the senior dogs in their care are: 

  1. Sweetly tempered
  2. Eager to please
  3. Fully trained — in many instances
  4. Fearful and may seem unapproachable in the kennel, but when you take them out of that setting, they blossom. Their confusion leads to them shutting down in a shelter environment
  5. Ready for your love and ready to give love!

In case you missed it, last week we wrote about “The Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog.”

Senior dogs may more easily settle into your household routine.

Why? Because they had a routine with their former family. Because they aren’t puppies, they don’t have all that puppy energy to burn off and if you don’t exercise a puppy you may come home to chewed shoes or worse!

Your senior dog will be happy watching DOGTV if you have to leave him home alone. The sights and sounds will keep him company and entertained.

Don’t overlook a senior dog simply because he or she is a senior. They are active, loving, eager to please, and seem to understand that you saved their lives.

You can sign up for a FREE trial of DOGTV to entertain your senior (or any age) dog with!

I had a Poodle, named Henrietta, whom I had from puppyhood until she was a senior. She passed in June and yes, at fifteen years old she had slowed down a bit, did require a few daily medications and I had to cook a lot of food for her because she had a hard time chewing.

She was a bit more work as she aged, but every day, she snuggled next to me, she understood my moods, gave me unconditional love, and was completely in sync with our family routines. At the end of a long day, I would put her in her pajamas and we would cover up with a blanket on the couch and watch DOGTV.

It's through experiencing this kind of love and devotion from a senior pet that I know how much they can enrich your life. Consider opening your home to a senior dog today!