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Survey Finds Fireworks Cause Stress in Nearly 80% of Dogs

Survey Finds Fireworks Cause Stress in Nearly 80% of Dogs

At DOGTV we always want to know more about how we can help dogs, and help their humans. We surveyed 200 dog parents to learn more about how their dogs respond to fireworks. The results were alarming – but not surprising.

79% of dog parents said their dog shows some signs of stress or anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks, with almost half reporting moderate to severe stress. Yikes!

55% told us that they have made plans for holidays like July 4th or New Year’s Eve based on their dog’s reaction to fireworks. And 72% anticipate that they’ll be in an area for July 4th this year where their dog is likely to hear fireworks going off. This is a recipe for a lot of very stressed dogs.

It’s commonly recommended that pet parents try treatments like CBD products or prescription medications for situational anxiety. But 64% of those surveyed said they have concerns about potential side effects from CBD products, and even more (72%) worry about side effects from prescription meds. So now we have stressed dogs and stressed humans worried about how to help their dogs.

nervous dog looking up at fireworks

When we learned that only 42% of the pet parents we surveyed have ever tried audio-visual therapies for their dog’s situational anxiety, and only 40% are planning to prepare their pup for July 4th fireworks this year, we knew there were a lot of dogs that were missing out.

DOGTV was created to help calm and soothe stressed dogs, and we want these pups and their humans to feel safe and calm during the festivities this year. So we’re inviting all the dogs from sea to shining sea (and anywhere else in the world, really) to try DOGTV, on the house. You can access DOGTV for a free week by signing up today. 

Our friends at Betterpet.com have put together this helpful guide which includes 7 tips on how to keep your pet comfortable during the Fourth of July or any celebration that may include fireworks and excitement.