Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Litter box with a scoop

4 min read

Litter Training Your Dog?

Hear us out – if a cat can learn to pee in a box, your dog can learn to pee in a box. So why not...

Large tan dog laying on the grass outside as a person uses a hand signal for trainig

2 min read

How to Choose Your Perfect Dog Trainer

Choosing the right dog trainer can be a daunting task, but it’s an essential step in building a...

3 min read

How to Teach an Old(ish) Dog New Tricks

You know the old saying… “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” We’re here to bust that...

3 min read

6 Things All New Puppy Parents Need To Know

Welcoming a new puppy to the family is so exciting — for you and for the puppy! We have put...

5 min read

5 Ways To Have A Happier Thanksgiving With Dogs

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we're THANKFUL we are for our four-legged family! I can’t...

2 min read

The Importance of Hand Signals in Dog Training

Deaf Dog Awareness Month takes place during September each year. Whether or not you currently...

a family surrounding a tan and white dog as it lays on the ground and is being gently pet

3 min read

3 Basic Dog Training Principles All Children Should Know

Many parents can be skeptical about getting a dog while their children are young – although this...

Beagle standing on a sidewalk looking up towards a person that is training him

2 min read

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Training Your Dog

DOGTV is all about dogs, canine enrichment technology, and the human-animal bond. We also know...

White mixed-breed dog wearing a yellow bandana that says

3 min read

How To Prepare When Adopting a New Rescue Dog

It’s Clear The Shelter week and we have put together tips on how to prepare to welcome a new...