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The DOGTV Pack’s Favorite SuperZoo Finds

The DOGTV Pack’s Favorite SuperZoo Finds

Last month the DOGTV team embarked on our annual journey to find new and woof-worthy pet products to share with our pack.  SuperZoo is a pet industry trade show held every year (except of course for last year, womp womp!) in Las Vegas where exhibitors showcase new and existing products – the perfect place for us to find cool stuff to share with the DOGTV pack! (No affiliate links here – just products and companies we are excited about.)

One product we spotted was Table Scraps premium dog treats by Phelps Pet Products. We could take a few samples home, and all our dogs gave them an enthusiastic 4 paws up. You can search here to find them in your area and share the magic of Disney with your pup.

Also spotted: human treats (a rare sight at pet trade shows) being handed out at the Omega Plus booth. They got our attention with the sushi bites featuring their signature superfood ingredient: New Zealand King Salmon. Omega Plus is part of the New Zealand King Salmon Company, which has been sustainably raising King Salmon for fine-dining customers for 30 years. Now Omega Plus is bringing the same quality salmon home to our pets – and trust us, it’s very tasty.

After a serving or two of sushi-grade salmon, your pup will likely start to develop an appreciation for the finer things in life. Good thing we found these dog macarons from Bonne et Filou

Named after French King Louis XIV’s favorite dogs Bonne and Filou, the macarons are a fun way to give your pup the royal treatment. It’s worth noting, that while the dog macarons look like a delicate and indulgent dessert, they are a hard treat designed as a long-lasting chew, and quite healthy for your pup. 

There were also products featured that were more on the practical side. I was able to take home a sample of Natural Doggie CBD Infused Coconut Oil. I already use coconut oil as part of an anti-itch salve recipe (2 parts coconut oil, 1 part manuka honey – you’re welcome!) when my dog’s allergies start flaring up, and the CBD coconut oil takes my DIY salve up a notch with anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil can also be used on its own topically or as a food topper. Natural Doggie includes tips on starting slow when introducing the oil as part of their diet and general guidelines for optimal dosage.

In a similar vein, we found another brand we really like – Healthy Hemp Pet Products. Their products are created to harness the benefits of industrial hemp, and they test each batch of hemp oil to ensure it contains less than 0.3% THC – so you know your pets are getting all of the good stuff, and none of the bad. There are a number of CBD and hemp pet products on the market, but what really caught our attention was Healthy Hemp’s research study with Purdue University.

As a science-led pet company ourselves, we love their commitment to backing up their products with research.  We also learned that in addition to their CannaDrops products for pets, they also offer CannaSpray – for pets in the midst of a seizure, hemp oil can help, but the application can be tricky using a traditional dropper bottle. The spray, available in Coconut and Salmon varieties, offers an easy way to administer full-spectrum hemp oil.

That's our roundup for this year's SuperZoo! We'll be on the lookout for new innovative products for pets at future events so we can share with the DOGTV community.