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The Ultimate Doggy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Doggy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Raise your paw if you’re celebrating “My Dog Is My Valentine” Day! That’s right! Who better to share Valentine’s Day with than the loved pup in your life who would never let you down (or stand you up for dinner)? 

💘 The one who wags their tail at the sight of you, no matter how long you’ve been gone. 

💘 The one who’s always there to protect you, even if it’s just from the mailman. 

💘 And the one who never judges you for eating that whole pint of ice cream. 

So give your furry valentine the ultimate present. Here’s a list of the perfect gifts for dogs that show how much you truly love them! 


Valentine’s Day Dog Toys: 

  • Brace yourself for the cutest, yummy-looking dog toy on the market! Lulubelles’ chocolate-covered strawberry power plushie not only looks good enough to eat (but please don’t, it’s not real chocolate), but it also comes equipped with a squeaker for added entertainment. 
  • Lepawit’s dog toys are not your average puppy playthings. The rose and water bottle toy makes for the perfect combination of pretty and practical. It’s a puzzle and squeaky toy pair that’s great for the pup who wants to show off their love for delicious treats and crinkle noise.
  • Give your valentine the sweetest gift of all with Midlee’s candy hearts. These colorful sweetheart toys are fun to play with and are delightful to look at. It comes in a set of four, so your dog can have one for each paw or share with their doggy friends! 

Tail-wagging-worthy Dog Swag: 

  • Time to step up your dog’s fashion game! Dogwong’s collar & bow tie combo features a stylish heart design that’ll make your pup the best-dressed valentine on the block. 
  • Give your dog the gift of cozy with Kyeese’s heart-patterned dog jammies. They’ll be snuggling up with you in style and looking adorable all night long. It’s the cutest way to treat your pup this Valentine’s Day.
  • Looking for a stylish way to show your fashion-forward valentine some love? Adoggygo has got you covered with their Valentine’s Day dog bandanas. It’s reversible, so you can change your dog’s look whenever you want! 

Sweet Treats For Furry Sweethearts:

  • Your dog will fall head over paws in love with these heart-shaped dog biscuits. Old Mother Hubbard has taken their classic, oven-baked, natural dog treats and given them a holiday-inspired makeover. The Valentine’s Day edition of their crunchy dog biscuits is available in delicious peanut butter flavor. 
  • Soft, chewy, and a true taste sensation for your four-legged valentine. Bocce’s Bakery Say Moo dog treats in pink and red bag will have your pup moo-ving and grooving and doing the “happy dance” for more beef and cheddar cookies. 
  • Lazy Dog’s I Ruff You pup pie is a treat to your pup’s taste buds. This gift for dogs is wheat/corn/soy-free and hand-decorated with a dairy-free coating. It also comes in a pack of 10 slices, so your dog can share the love with other pets (unless your dog wants to keep them all for themselves). 
  • Go the DIY route! Try this easy-peasy dog-friendly recipe from The Dog Chef for Thumb Cookies! Make it a date night in and get to baking with your furriest Valentine. 

Pawsitively Practical Gifts: 

  • Don’t want your Valentine to sleep on a bland and boring bed pad? Custom Catch’s personalized crate mat is the perfect gift for your dog’s crate or kennel. The best part? It can be personalized with your pup’s name and comes in various stylish colors like gray, purple, blue, maroon, and beige.
  • Hot pavement, sandy beaches, salty streets, and snowy sidewalks — your pup’s paws can get rough and rugged from all the on-the-go adventures on these surfaces. Natural Dog Company’s  “Pawtection” dog paw balm to the rescue! The nourishing wax barrier will keep your pooch’s paws smooth and protected. It’s the best gift for dogs who love to explore and play.
  • Keep your Valentine feeling their best with Natural Dog Company’s multivitamin chews. It’s packed with all the necessary vitamins that support your dog’s immune system and other health needs. And your dog will surely love the delicious duck and sweet potato flavor of these supplements.

Which gift would have your pooch wagging their tail with joy? Join our free Facebook community, The DOGTV Pack, and share pics of your dog’s Valentine’s day gifts. We can’t wait to see how much they love it!