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dog peeing on fence

6 min read

Why Is Your Dog Peeing So Much? Let's Solve the Mystery!

Is your furry friend turning your home into a canine water park? Well, hold on to your leashes because we're about to dive into the mystery of excessive dog urination! Did you know that a healthy adult dog typically pees three to five times a day? That's like a well-choreographed bathroom...

Ambulance racing down the street

3 min read

Emergency care for dogs: How to handle a dog emergency

Your dog is your trusted companion, best friend, and fur child. You take care of every facet of...

happy puppy relaxing on sofa

2 min read

How CBD Can Help Pets Stay Calm During Fireworks

While the Fourth of July is a much-anticipated event for many American families, it can be an...

4 min read

Pets and Mental Health: A Reciprocal Relationship

Pets and Mental Health: A Reciprocal RelationshipBy Susan Doktor

2 min read

3 Ways to Help Your Separation Anxiety When You’re Away From Your Dog

Every dog owner knows the pain of having to leave home, and facing the famous “puppy eyes”…...

4 min read

Keeping Your Dog Active in the Winter

The shorter daylight hours in winter, coupled with the chilly and snowy outdoors, leave most of...

2 min read

Help Your Dog Avoid Those Extra Holiday Pounds

The holiday season usually means lots of big, festive meals with family and friends, both...

5 min read

Ensure your dog is safe and calm during the Fourth of July

Fun on the Fourth I’ve always loved the 4th of July. One of my favorite ways to enjoy fireworks...