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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween 2020 is on track for being the spookiest night of the year for pets and people! This Halloween not only occurs on a Saturday, it also features a full moon that just so happens to be a rare blue moon (a full moon that happens twice in a single month).  Add in a global pandemic and election year, and this Halloween may be one of the spookiest we’ve had in ages.

Luckily, there are ways to make sure your dogs remain safe. 

Early Bedtimes and Relaxing Music

Your dog is safest indoors, preferably in a separate crate or room where they can enjoy the holiday in peace. A chew toy or special treat will keep your dogs relaxed and busy while you sit in the front yard and distribute candy to visitors. The best place for your dog to be on All Hallows Eve is in their favorite crate or closed bedroom enjoying a musical interlude from Enya and chomping on their favorite treat – like a bully stick or stuffed Kong toy.  

Wear a Collar and Short Leash

We hope you’ll keep your dogs indoors, but if you can’t, make sure that your dog is wearing the appropriate ID on his collar, that you have full control over them at all times, and ensure that your pet’s microchip is up to date with the proper information. 

Verify Microchip Information

Consider registering your dogs’ microchips for free at Found Animals, where a grant has helped make this nationwide registry available to all pet owners (no matter what brand of chip your pet has). Many people go through the time to microchip their pet, not understanding that if the microchip is unregistered or has improper ID, your dog may not be returned to you. Dig up that paperwork and make sure you’re registered.

Dressing Up Dogs

We get it – you found the perfect costume for your dog and want the world to see it! The best way to do this is snap some fun family photos before Halloween approaches. We all love to show off our dog’s Halloween costumes, but the safest way to do it is before the holiday! Get your photos with the kids and the dogs done early in the evening. That way, you can get your pets comfortable before you take the kids out.

Leave Dogs Home when Trick or Treating

Even the best dog in the world can become spooked at some of the costumes they may see on All Hallow’s Eve. Make sure your dog is in bed and relaxed before the first trick or treater comes along. It’s not safe to have your dogs escort your kids around the neighborhood. 

Need ideas for distracting your pets this year? We have a list of ways to entertain and distract your dog on Halloween. Make this holiday a safe, fun event for the entire family.  We also offer a printable tutorial for Pumpkin Carving for Dog Lovers

Let’s make it a safe Halloween this year – for all members of the family! If you’re staying in, turn on your free trial of DOGTV

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