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Enrichment (2)

2 min read

Sensory Enrichment Enhances Your Dog’s Life

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4 min read

How To Make Meal-time Fun: Nutritional Enrichment!

By Laura Nativo & Christine Young of Nativo Pet Company

3 min read

The Importance Of Physical Enrichment For Your Dog

Just like humans, it’s important for dogs to get plenty of physical activity in order to lead a...

2 min read

Simple Tips To Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Mental enrichment is critical for your dog’s health to help release energy, learn more...

2 min read

The Importance Of Canine Enrichment: 5 Types

Thousands of years ago, wolves befriended humans and worked together to survive in the wild....

6 min read

Canine Enrichment Is The Name Of The Game

Stefanie Strackbein, owner and creator of What Dogs Want has built a business around offering...

2 min read

Confessions Of Pet Sitters & Dog Trainers To The Stars

Have you ever wondered, “Do pet sitters to the stars do anything different, better… when they...

4 min read

DOGTV, David Haworth & Canine Enrichment Tech

David Haworth, DVM PhD, a new board member at DOGTV says, “I knew DOGTV and had been aware of it...