Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Health and Wellness (6)

3 min read

How Technology Is Impacting Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery

Pets are precious members of the family, and when they get lost it can be distressing for...

4 min read

How To Enrich Your Home For Your Dog’s Happiness

Is your dog happy at home? As a pet parent is that something you’ve ever stopped to ask...

Tan and white medium sized dog sitting outside next to a blue hiking backpack

3 min read

The Importance Of Physical Enrichment For Your Dog

Just like humans, it’s important for dogs to get plenty of physical activity in order to lead a...

2 min read

Why You Need To Register Your Dog’s Microchip

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you bring your dog or puppy home. One thing you should not...

Smiling dog standing on grass in front of a sprinkler

3 min read

How To Make Your Yard Dog Friendly This Summer

Summertime! Summertime! If your dogs are like mine, they are reveling in the heat and humidity...

3 min read

The Importance Of Pet ID Tags

The importance of pet ID tags is highlighted in these startling statistics: One in three pets...

Jack Russell terrier walking outside with an empty plastic bottle in its mouth

2 min read

Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Dog

Here are some fun ways to engage with your pup, enhance your bond, while also giving back to the...

Hound dog holding onto a ball toy while walking inside a home

4 min read

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

Whether it is pouring outside, a heat wave is sweating out the country, or you simply want to...

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It’s National Hug Your Dog Day!

April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day. Why do we need a national holiday for hugging dogs?...

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DOGTV: Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs

They are our loyal companions, through thick and thin, so why wouldn’t you choose to spend...