Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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3 min read

5 Amazing Facts About Caring For A Dog

“Our love for our lifelong friends is somewhat of an ode to their uncompromising spirit. Dogs...

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Is A Senior Dog Right For Your Family?

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, have you ever wondered if a senior dog is right...

2 min read

Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love!

The holidays are upon us and as slow as you may have thought 2020 was, the holidays are in a...

1 min read

The Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog

Spread the word! November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month. DOGTV is here to celebrate our...

2 min read

Tips For Feeding Your Dog Healthy Meals & Treats

As pet parents we want to feed our dog the best food and treats that we can. After all, they are...

3 min read

7 Reasons To Walk Your Dog

Ask any pet parent and he or she will tell you that walking the dog has become even more a part...

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween 2020 is on track for being the spookiest night of the year for pets and people! This...

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Pet Obesity Month: Interview With Dr. Laurie Coger


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Healthy Treats to Make for Your Pets

We’re always looking for great treats for our dogs, because let’s face it, we have the best dogs...

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Preparing Your Dog for Back to School Season Routines

Just like kids, dogs love summertime! After all, days are longer and there are more...