Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Health and Wellness (4)

2 min read

Helpful Dog Apps and Tools for Reducing Separation Anxiety

Our furry friends have gotten used to their parents being home all-day during quarantine,...

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Providing an Enriching “Couchella” Experience for your Pooch

Humans love music, and possess an innate musicality. Think of all the events and best memories...

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7 min read

Finding The Right Rescue Dog: Helping Them Feel At Home

I think everyone agrees for all of us fortunate dog moms and dads: our animal family members...

5 min read

7 Ways I Spoil My Dogs (My Quest To Be A Better Human)

Every Valentine’s Day, I take a moment to thank my one true love… my dogs! I don’t have human...

3 min read

The Connection between Humans, Animals, and Heart Health

Ask any pet owner and they’ll agree, pets bring us joy and are a true comfort. What our dogs may...

3 min read

10 Doggie Date Ideas

February 14 — Valentine’s Day — is right around the corner and you know what that means, right?...

2 min read

Is A Senior Dog Right For Your Family?

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, have you ever wondered if a senior dog is right...

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Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love!

The holidays are upon us and as slow as you may have thought 2020 was, the holidays are in a...

1 min read

The Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog

Spread the word! November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month. DOGTV is here to celebrate our...

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Tips For Feeding Your Dog Healthy Meals & Treats

As pet parents we want to feed our dog the best food and treats that we can. After all, they are...