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Should You Leave Your Dog With A Sitter Or Board Him?

What to do about your dog who hates to travel or you need to visit a location but dogs aren't allowed?

cavalier king charles spaniel huddling under a blanket

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Is Your Dog Having An Anxiety Attack?

There is nothing more stressful to a pet parent than to imagine his or her dog is having an...

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Is A Senior Dog Right For Your Family?

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, have you ever wondered if a senior dog is right...

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Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love!

The holidays are upon us and as slow as you may have thought 2020 was, the holidays are in a...

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The Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Dog

Spread the word! November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month. DOGTV is here to celebrate our...

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Tips For Feeding Your Dog Healthy Meals & Treats

As pet parents we want to feed our dog the best food and treats that we can. After all, they are...

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7 Reasons To Walk Your Dog

We've pulled together the top reasons to walk your dog! There's no wrong time to get started!...

two dogs wearing ghost costumes sitting on porch steps that's decorated for fall.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween can be a spooky fun time for your family and pup! This is especially true if you...

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The Importance of Hand Signals in Dog Training

Deaf Dog Awareness Month takes place during September each year. Whether or not you currently...

Cattle dog holding a ten dollar bill in its mouth

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50 Ways To Save $50 On Your Dog And Dog Expenses

Who wants to save money!? That wasn’t a trick question. Everything seems to be more costly...