Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Life With Dogs (2)

3 min read

4 Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

Tis ‘the season for thank-yous! And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than adding...

3 min read

10 Dog-Friendly Fun-Filled Fall Activities

Fall is in full swing — and so is the fall fun you can have with your pets. It’s the perfect...

3 min read

10 Simple and Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs 

Spooky season is here! Oh, how much fun it can be to include your pets in the festivities with a...

4 min read

Pets and Mental Health: A Reciprocal Relationship

Pets and Mental Health: A Reciprocal RelationshipBy Susan Doktor

3 min read

How to Properly Introduce a Cat and Dog for the First Time

So you’ve decided to add a furry friend to your family! Congratulations. Pets can bring so much...

2 min read

The Differences (And Similarities) Between Dog People and Cat People

Are dog people and cat people really all that different? A report from® reveals...

8 min read

Celebrating Adopt-A-Senior Dog Month: Advice for Welcoming a Good Old, New Dog

November is National Adopt a Senior month! As a dog mom who was lucky  enough to love my heart...

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10 Ways To Show Your Dog Is Loved (not spoiled) For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun way to show off the real love of your life – your dog! Let’s face it,...

7 min read

Tips For Puppy Socialization In The Pandemic

Happy new year! We’ve finally made it to 2021.

3 min read

6 Things All New Puppy Parents Need To Know

Welcoming a new puppy to the family is so exciting — for you and for the puppy! We have put...