Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Life With Dogs

Young women holding onto a TV remote, and a bowl of popcorn with her arm around a brown and black dog

3 min read

10 Heartwarming Dog Movies for a Cozy Valentine's Night In

It's rom-com season—and it’s not only for two-legged romantics! Yup, it's prime time to snuggle...

Australian Cattle Dog looking at the camera wearing a black plastic new years celebration hat and a silver plastic necklace

1 min read

5 New Years Resolutions from the Dog

Woof! Logo the DOGTV doggo here, and I'm excited to celebrate the New Year with my hoomans. I...

3 min read

Pawsitively Adorable: Family Costumes that Incorporate Your Beloved Canine

There's no wrong time to dress up with your pet! Of course, there's the obvious date, October...

2 min read

Keep Your Dog Busy When the Kids Go Back to School

Your kids have been home all summer, and your dog has had a heck of a time with them, zooming...

3 min read

5 Ways to Prevent or Treat Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass

Don’t you just love spending time in your yard with your dog in the warm Spring and Summer...

3 min read

Create the Ultimate Dog-Approved Backyard this Summer

Is warmer weather getting your puppy excited to the max? Then it's time to unleash some fun,...

3 min read

Tips for Choosing Your Dog's Perfect Vet

Choosing the perfect veterinarian for your dog is like finding the right doctor for yourself....

florist assembling a bouquet of pet-safe flowers

3 min read

Pet-Safe Flowers: Tips for Building a Non-Toxic Bouquet

If you're looking for a beautiful floral bouquet to give as a gift or enjoy yourself, but you're...

3 min read

Tips For Preventing and Cleaning New Puppy Messes

Let’s face it, puppies are adorable. Any new puppy parent will tell you that cuddling with a...

5 min read

How to Throw a Puppy Bowl Party: DOGTV’s Guide to Tail-gating

Is football season wrapping up already? That means we’re heading into the best time of year: the...